Facebook ~ Are You Connecting? or Just Collecting?

Facebook ~ Are You Connecting? or Just Collecting?
By Chris Mcpherson
Facebook is without a doubt the hottest Social Media Site on the planet bar none! And its for that reason and that reason alone why so many Business Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs are flocking to Facebook. Being apart of the Facebook Phenomena gives people access to a powerful social media tool that can literally build a business in a very short period of time!
The current blueprint of using Facebook to build or generate a specific niche is simple. The aim is to create a raving following of individuals who are interested in your brand, business or service you provide. People do this by creating specialized Facebook Groups, Facebook Fanpages and events. These methods are very popular and affective, but 95% of Marketers are failing to achieve the desired results from all their efforts on Facebook. This is where we come to the big question…………………….
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