Your Facebook Fan Page and SEO

Although the main purpose of a Facebook fan page isn’t for SEO, there’s no point ignoring SEO completely, so it was nice to come across this article on SEO for your Facebook Fan page on the SaveDelete blog.
Please go and read it over there, but in the interests of this post being more than 5 lines, I’ve summarised the bullet points below.
* Use your brand name as your Fan Page name
* Select the best Facebook username for your fanpage
* Install static FBML and create additional tabs and boxes
* Use the ‘about’ text box for optimisation of your fanpage
* Use the ‘info’ tab for high density keywords and text
* Create fresh content regularly
* Attach YouTube videos
* Post direct links and relevant sites on your wall
* Include photos with captions and events with descriptions
* Get more inbound links to your fan page
While I think that people may go a little overboard on the ‘about’ and ‘info’ boxes, I agree with the rest of the advice, and think it’s a great article, so please do read it if you’re interested in using your Facebook fan page to enhance your SEO.


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